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“Map of Hawai'i” by Center on the Family. All rights reserved.


Explore data indicators for information on alcohol establishments and compliance checks. Filter data by indicator and geographic level from the drop-down lists to the right. Click on the mapped regions to view further information in the pop-up info window. Click through multiple establishment information for filtered results based on location. View the legend on the map's upper right corner. Expand each dashboard element to view in full screen; and click again to cancel. For mobile device users, view in landscape mode for the best user experience.

July 2021

Jul 16 Fri
ADAD Zoom Training: Cultural Diversity

The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen providers’ work with culturally diverse populations. The presenter will discuss various approaches, skills, and techniques used to effectively work with various cultures.



Jul 19 Mon
ADAD Zoom Training: COVID-19 Quarantine Impact on Mental Health and SUD

Upon completion of this Workshop the Clinician/Staff/Educators will have a clear understanding of:

  • An Understanding of basic epidemiological, statistical, and medical impact of COVID-19.
  • An understanding and statistics related to the increase in Substance Use Disorder in all populations due to effects of quarantine.
  • Statistics and Impact on Mental Health and Suicide due to effects of quarantine.
  • Understanding of quarantine impact and alternatives to SUD and improved coping skills.
  • Know when to seek Supervision and Co-Treatment.