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The Evidence Based Workgroup (EBW) is a required component of the SAMSHA-funded 2018 Hawai‘i Partnerships for Success (HI-PFS) Project with the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) of the Hawai‘i State Department of Health. One of the goals of HI-PFS is to enhance the state system of substance abuse prevention in its utilization of a data-driven and evidence-based approach. The EBW will assist in this process through building the State’s capacity in developing and implementing evidence-based programs, practices, and policies.


The EBW consists of volunteer members representing program evaluators, experts, and ex-officio in the field of substance abuse prevention. Current members are as follow:
  • Alessandra Jann-Jordan, MSW,  PACT (Parents and Children Together)
  • Alyssa Foster, MPH, The Catalyst Group, LLC
  • Anna Ah Sam, PhD, Independent Evaluator
  • Richard Kim, PhD, The Catalyst Group, LLC
  • Sothy Eng, PhD, UH Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Alyssa O‘Hair, MPH, MA, CPS, Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT)
  • Michael Sparks, MA, SparksInitiatives
  • Michelle Park, CPS, Coalition for Drug-Free Hawai'i
Ex-Officio Members
  • Cheryl Labuguen, CPS, Hawai'i State Department of Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
  • Kathleen Gauci, PhD, HI-PFS EBW Coordinator, UH Center on the Family
  • Sarah Yuan, PhD, HI-PFS Evaluator, UH Center on the Family
  • Wayne Buente, PhD, HI-PFS Adaptation Manager, UH School of Communications

Focus Areas

  1. Developing policies and guidelines regarding:
    • adaptations and implementation of culturally relevant evidence-based programs to meet fidelity requirements; and
    • evaluation of evidence-based and innovative/emerging programs, practices, and policies;
  2. Advising the selection of evidence-based programs, practices, and policies;
  3. Assisting ADAD in reviewing and providing feedback on evidence-based adaptation requests; and
  4. Providing structured presentations and training on specific topic areas, as needed.  


The EBW meets quarterly during the months of March, June, September, and December.


Contact the Workgroup

For questions related to evidence-based selection, adaptation, and implementation of prevention strategies, contact your contract specialist, who can bring your inquiries to the workgroup. The EBW welcomes ideas, questions, and suggestions on issues that the workgroup can contribute to/work on. The workgroup will prioritize such and work as a group to address them during their quarterly meetings. The EBW also encourages suggestions for presentation topics and volunteers to share their experiences in the areas of evaluation plans, methods, and results dissemination; and data-driven approaches for selecting and implementing prevention programs, policies, and practices.

Please email Kathleen Gauci, PhD, Evidence-Based Workgroup Coordinator, at if you have questions or suggestions regarding the EBW.

July 2021

Jul 16 Fri
ADAD Zoom Training: Cultural Diversity

The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen providers’ work with culturally diverse populations. The presenter will discuss various approaches, skills, and techniques used to effectively work with various cultures.



Jul 19 Mon
ADAD Zoom Training: COVID-19 Quarantine Impact on Mental Health and SUD

Upon completion of this Workshop the Clinician/Staff/Educators will have a clear understanding of:

  • An Understanding of basic epidemiological, statistical, and medical impact of COVID-19.
  • An understanding and statistics related to the increase in Substance Use Disorder in all populations due to effects of quarantine.
  • Statistics and Impact on Mental Health and Suicide due to effects of quarantine.
  • Understanding of quarantine impact and alternatives to SUD and improved coping skills.
  • Know when to seek Supervision and Co-Treatment.