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Lunch 'n Learns with Matt Burton


Men experience physical trauma. Did you know that about 30% of adult men were physically abused as children? Physical abuse can not only inflict pain and harm, but it can be used to dominate and control or humiliate and degrade. The damage caused from physical abuse does not stop when the physical wounds heal. Join Matt as he shares practically and experientially physical trauma's impact on men and boys, on others, and things that can help us heal.

Date/Time: February 18, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM HST

Location: Zoom

Cost: Free

Certificate: 1 CE approved by ADAD

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Trainer Information: Matt's life has been one spent in two different worlds. One as a business leader/media personality, the other as a trauma specialist and recovery coach. He's a former star athlete, radio personality, CEO/ founder/serial entrepreneur. But his other work was more important. Matt worked as a front-line worker at a group home for boys, spent 10 years serving Native American young people and their families on Indian reservations, and founded Helping Men Heal. He led the training of thousands of front-line workers and clinicians on male trauma, black male trauma, the impacts of male trauma on the family, male trauma and corrections, the impact of male trauma on women, and has helped men and their partners heal from the impacts of pornography addiction, infidelity/affairs, and intimacy anorexia®. Matt is the author of the groundbreaking book, The Unbound Man - Breaking the Shackles of Trauma & Abuse Experienced by Men.

Questions: For further questions, please contact Susan Oka at Hawaii Pacific Center for Excellence. 808-545-3228 ext. 38 or [email protected].