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Environmental Strategies

Environmental Strategies

This section presents environmental strategies that have been implemented in Hawai‘i in the past several years. This is not a complete list of all evidence-based environmental strategies but a sample from efforts addressing underage drinking prevention that were funded by Hawai‘i Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success (SPF-PFS) Projects in 2013 and 2018. More environmental strategies are available from the Catalog of Evidence-Based Environmental Strategies to Prevent Underage Drinking in Hawai‘i.

December 2021

Dec 15 Wed
Training of Trainers for iChooseMe and Know More: Prevent Underage Drinking

iChooseMe: This training will provide the participant with information on drug awareness, a half-page picture book, that provides information about illicit drugs and side effects of use. Each page mentions a protective factor that can reduce the potential for substance abuse and misuse.

Know More: Underage Drinking Prevention: This training will provide the participant with a presentation they can use to inform middle school and high school youth about underage drinking and its risks and consequences, along with refusal skills. Portions of this presentation can also be shared with parents/guardians.